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Best Undergraduate Business Schools

Majoring in business during under graduation has become a major attraction among students, especially, due to plum posts which they land after finishing their course. Several students graduate with two or at times three job offers with an average salary of about US$50,000 a year, besides other bonuses and benefits. However, the recent setback in the economic situation of several major economies has dampened the job market to an extent. But having said that top business schools are still producing quality students who find a place in some of the best companies with a reasonably good salary and benefits.

The tuition fees of most of these undergraduate business schools are slightly on the higher side, but they are worth it. Here is a list of some of the best undergraduate business schools in the world, and you don't need to go away from home for an undergraduate business degree.

Best Undergraduate Business Schools in USA

Mendoza College of Business
This college has been rated as the best business school in the country, the most important reason being, when the economic was going downhill, the students of this school fared fairly well. The large base of former students working in several top companies of the world was partially responsible for this school doing well in the job market. The college charges a tuition fees of slightly more than US$37,000 a year both for residents as well as non-residents. For you to get admitted into this college you need to pass either the SAT or ACT test. Some of the other factors which are considered include your record during secondary school, class rank, talent/ability, extracurricular activity, volunteer work, character/personal abilities, application essay and high scores in your high school GPA.

McIntire School of Commerce
It was in 1921 that the undergraduate business program was introduced for the first time in this college. Over the years this college has made a niche for itself in the undergraduate business program and students from all round the world have lauded the McIntire School of Commerce under the University of Virginia due to their intense curriculum and experienced faculty. The program is for 2 years with an annual fees of around US$7,500 for resident students and about US$30,000 for non-residents students. You need to pass the SAT entrance test with a mean score of 1370 or ACT test to be admitted into the college. Other factors for getting admitted include secondary school record, class rank, talent/ability, extracurricular activities, character/personal abilities, application essay, and high school GPA of more than 3.75 and in some cases a score of 3.5 may be considered.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This college has been consistently ranked as one of the top undergraduate business schools for the last few years and its rank has increased over the last couple of years. Most of the students of this school have enrolled for summer internship in some of the best companies. Moreover, even in these tough times, the college has been consistently placing their students with a good salary package. The undergraduate program is for 4 years and the annual tuition fee is slightly more than US$37,000 a year both for residents and non-residents. You need to pass the SAT or ACT test to get admitted into this college. Other considerations are the same as the other two colleges mentioned above.

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
With its experienced faculty and encouragement of research, the Wharton School ranks among the best business undergraduate business schools. The program is for four years with an annual fee for residents as well as non-residents being around US$35,000.

Cornell University
With a median starting salary of about US$55,000 per year, the Cornell University is one of the most sought after schools precisely due to this reason. Moreover, the high quality education and the faculty student ratio of 20:1 makes it one of the best colleges. The average SAT score required is 1390 and if you are appearing for the ACT test you need to get a score of 31.

These were some of the best undergraduate business schools and to get into one of these you need to go through highly competitive entrance test. There are limited number of seats and if you want to get admitted you need to start preparing early. These schools offer highly challenging courses, thereby resulting in high-quality graduates passing out every year.
By Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
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