Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reasons to Get an MBA

So you want to take your career to the next level. But you are not sure which path to take and you are just considering MBA as one of the options. You should take into account the following reasons to get an MBA before making the final decision.

Although, first let me brief you on what exactly is an MBA program. MBA is not an academic educational program. It is a professional qualification that works on your management skills. The criteria for entering an MBA program is different in different countries. Some countries require work experience while some hire even if a graduate. There are various specializations in an MBA program like finance, operations, marketing, information systems, supply chain management, retail management. Before you go for an MBA, you should consider its suitability for you and for the career you want to make for yourself. Following are the many reasons why you could opt for an MBA degree.

Change of Career
If you are not happy with your present career, an MBA program can help you make a successful career change. You may want to shift to an entirely different industry or you may want to do something else in your current industry, MBA has an option for everything. Usually when you make a career transition you have to start at the bottom of the hierarchy of the company. But if you have an MBA you don't have to face the same struggle and learning curve, because it is assumed that you have acquired the necessary skills already.

Get Promoted
You can also take an MBA course part-time. That is along with your current job. This type of MBA is called an executive MBA. Its syllabus is specially designed for working professionals. And it is aimed at upgrading your current skills. With this executive MBA degree it becomes very easier for you to get promoted in your current job. An MBA is a requirement for the top positions in major companies. Also, if your MBA is related to your job, your company might even pay your tuition fees. Although, every company has different policies for that.

Job Prospective
If you are a fresher looking for a job, an MBA degree can improve your credibility to get a job by enhancing your basic business management skills. MBA graduates are always in demand by most companies. Every major company knows its importance and most HR professionals recognize what the organization will attain in exchange for an MBA candidate. Also, this degree is recognized all over the world, so with an MBA degree you can apply for a job anywhere in the world. Your salary prospects also improve a lot when you have an MBA degree. The average MBA starting salary is really good.

A Masters in Business Administration is one of the most versatile degrees available. It can help you become the best in almost any industry. Every field, including medical, hotels, cosmetics, engineering, etc. is benefited from an employer who has an MBA degree. The reason is that all these fields are eventually businesses and an MBA degree is completely related to that. Also, there is a specialization for every field. This is one of the best benefits of an MBA degree.

Even if you don't want to work for anyone else and want something of your own, an MBA can help you. It can prepare you to do everything from writing a business plan to acquiring venture capital by giving you the basic knowledge, the network, the basic experience and the confidence to execute your ideas into reality.

That's all about the reasons to get an MBA from my side. But there are many more reasons that you can find to get an MBA. Consider everything before making the final decision. All the best.
By Pankaj Chobharkar
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  1. I am already convinced that I should get an MBA. However what I am still confused about is whether I should go for a full-time MBA after quitting my job or opt for an executive MBA keeping my job.